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  • October 24, 2019

SUP 41

ASSENMA CHER SPECIALTY TOOLS is a well reputed Auto Parts Manufacturer that makes a number of aftermarket parts that are equal or superior to original oem auto parts. At partsavatar, you can search through our ASSENMA CHER SPECIALTY TOOLS parts catalog and find ASSENMA CHER SPECIALTY TOOLS spares for your specific vehicle. If you are looking for a ASSENMA CHER SPECIALTY TOOLS supplier or ASSENMA CHER SPECIALTY TOOLS distributor, please contact us via email or our help lines. You can also find ASSENMA CHER SPECIALTY TOOLS cross reference with other manufacturers that make the same parts using our website search.

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  • February 27, 2023

Is It Time for a New Car Battery? Here’s How to Tell

Has it been a couple of years since you put a new battery…

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From humble beginnings, with more than 30 years ofexperience not only did we master the trade but also contributed to the industry's advancement. In the early 1980's we opened the doors to our first establishment in Northern British Columbia. Its success...

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