From humble beginnings, with more than 30 years of experience not only did we master the trade but also contributed to the industry’s advancement.

In the early 1980’s we opened the doors to our first establishment in Northern British Columbia. Its success laid down the foundation for becoming industry leaders. Westcan Auto Parts dynamic existence is attributed by its highly knowledgeable yet friendly staff.

Westcan is a family operated franchise with 11 thriving locations to serve you better. The continued synergy of our customers and vendors support along with our dedication to a gold standard service further solidifies our business platform.

West-can Auto Parts has been honoured with myriad awards and achievements of excellence, bearing a reputation for its outstanding product quality and fine tuned customer service.

The expertise at Westcan Auto Parts fuels its status as a dominant auto parts wholesaler and retailer, leading in the aftermarket automotive parts, tools, industrial equipment, safety supplies and accessories.

Currently, Westcan Auto Parts is part of the Uni-Select network which is comprised of more than 500 stores and 16 distribution centres across Canada contributing to a growing empire to help service all your automotive and related needs.

Westcan thrives on building genuine customer relations with the commitment of delivering quality assured products in hand with a phenomenal service. We aspire to continue evolving and adjusting to your needs.