West Can Auto

When you are driving down the road the last thing you want to deal with is a breakdown whether it is a flat tire, engine overheating, running out of gas or any other possible scenario. During an emergency such as this it is important to know what to do and who to call while you stay calm and maintain control of your surroundings. Some tips on what you can do in this situation are listed below.

Keeping control of the vehicle is critical in order to avoid a catastrophic accident on your own or with others so have your hands firmly on the wheel and use slow movements. Don’t ever jerk the wheel as this could cause the car or truck to flip or overcorrect and create further damage but you do want to pull off to the side of the road as quickly and safely as possible. Once you have gotten out of harm’s way then take a quick inventory of yourself and the passengers to determine if there are any injuries.

The next step is to call for assistance whether it is an emergency or simply an auto wrecker to tow the vehicle to the nearest location. For those in Kamloops there are reliable local shops that can provide help in a short amount of time without waiting for a national auto club to make several phone calls. After you have made the phone call and given them details on your location and the car then you should stay inside (if safe) or at least with the vehicle until the auto wrecker arrives.

In the case of a flat tire you can assess to see if you can fix it yourself but if not then let the professionals tow the vehicle to safety and have it repaired by experienced mechanics. You may also want to look at the auto wreckers Kamloops to see if there are any parts that need to be purchased to help get the vehicle back in working order. Getting stuck on the side of the road is no one’s idea of a good day but being prepared for it can ensure that it is only a temporary inconvenience.