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Having a foul or unpleasant smell car could be a disaster when you are going on a long route with your family and friends. There can be a different kind of unknown issues with your vehicle which is causing an unfamiliar smell in your car’s cabin. These smells must not be ignored as there can be some big faults which need some hands-on repair. Moreover, such smell can be dangerous to your health causing severe damage when the air with some chemical is inhaled for some continuous period of time. Auto repair surrey BC recommends certain important facts reasons which can be causing smell in your car, these can be helpful to you in checking on your vehicle.

Sweet smell: the anti-freeze present in the cooling system causes a sweet odor in the compartment if it is leaking out of the system boundary. It can be the smell of the heat exchanger or the steam which is generated from the bonnet of your vehicle. Do not ignore and get it checked because antifreeze can cause you health problems if inhaled for the longest time.

Musty smell: turning on your car’s ac can bring along a musty smell which is due to the mildew formed at the air conditioning system. However, sometimes a clog in your Air conditioning system drain tube could increase the possibility of smell residing in your vehicle. Try running only the fan at full speed to get rid of mildew, however, if the issue persists go to the nearby car parts and repair center to get it checked.

Rubber smell: if you get a smell of rubber in your car’s cabin, then it can be burning rubber which is getting friction due to coming in contact with a broken pulley or some part rubbing against hose. So you must immediately get your vehicle checked for the professional rescue to the problem.

Burning smell: the leakage of oil from any parts of the vehicle and residing on the hot parts could cause burning smell. The clutch plate faults or aggressive braking can cause such smell. Try checking on brake pads or clutch plates to get over the problem.

Electrical smell: in case you smell anything like a toast over burnt, then this can be the burning wire or any electrical component burning below your dashboard. These can cause some serious fire in your vehicle to keep the check on such smell and get it repaired. You can just check on auto parts store near me to get the nearby help on burning insulation and get it fixed quickly.

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Rotten eggs smell: the failure or any fault with catalytic converter due to engine emission problems can cause rotten smell inside your vehicle. The overheating of the converter may cause such smell and you must get it repaired or replaced with professional help to get rid of the smell.

However, there are some other reasons for the smell such as gas which may be due to starting the vehicle from the cold condition or in worst cases a gas leak, other than this can be the rotten fruits smell inside your cabin due to lack of cleaning inside the compartment. So now, if you find any kind of smell in your vehicle, you know what it can be. Make sure you reach the experts like WestCan to get your vehicle free from any bad odor in your car.